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HCM City & We Got Scammed!

During my last visit here, I didn't had the chance to visit Reunification Palace so this time around I made sure to go there. The entrance fee is VND 40,000 (seems like they have increased the price). It was the home and workplace of the president of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. When a North Vietnamese Army tank crashed through its gates, it became the site of the end of the war. 

Funny thing was, when we're walking to the palace, we actually got scammed. He was selling coconut drinks and he followed us pretending that he was guiding us. Suddenly, he stopped and gave my friend to carry that thing (idk what its called lol) for pictures. So,we thought it's okay and just played around.

After that, he just put that thing down and started preparing the drinks for us then he asked us to pay when we thought it's free!! Mind you, we didn't want to buy pon but he's the one yang pandai-pandai pi buat ugh. 
"150 thousand sir"
Innocently, Nik just gave h…

Impromptu Vietnam

I still remember my Facebook post a year ago saying that I'd definitely go back to Vietnam because I genuinely like the place. But, who would have thought that I would go back so soon right but oh well, I did. As the title says, it really was an impromptu trip as initially I didn't have any plans of travelling outside the country for this year as I'm saving up for my big trip(s) next year. But then, my friend; Nik asked me if I'm going anywhere in the meantime. So he suggested that we do Melbourne but I told him that it's not gonna be fun if we were to do Melbourne for 4 days and actually have 2 solid days in Melbourne so chop chop no I said let me think about it first.
I asked my friend, Ulil to come with us but unfortunately he couldn't make it. I then asked another friend of mine: Mimi to come with us. She was excited as hell that she's the one making survey of places and at last, she came with Da Nang and Hoi An. We were so close to book our flights th…

Cu Chi Tunnel & HCM Vicinity

and here we go again, for our 3rd day, we had our hostel arranged for us another tour to Cu Chi Tunnel. So, what's the fuss about it? 
The Củ Chi tunnels were the location of several military campaigns during the Vietnam War, and were the Viet Cong's base of operations for the Tết Offensive in 1968. The tunnels were used by Viet Cong soldiers as hiding spots during combat, as well as serving as communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapon caches and living quarters for numerous North Vietnamese fighters. The tunnel systems were of great importance to the Viet Cong in their resistance to American forces, and helped to counter the growing American military effort.
Well, that was a snippet of it. So, it was USD 6 for a half day trip.

Along the way there, they stopped by at this craft place where the craft products are made by the handicapped people (victims of Vietnam War). Also a stop for you to visit toilets.

Not long after that, we arrived at the actual place. No…

What a Break! (rant post)

*disclaimer : this is not an emotional post. rather, a depressing one.

Hello everybody!
It's me Yayerz and we meet again after 4 months. Any of you misses me? Hoho bet nobody would lol.
I remember my last post; me being whiny about how unmotivated I was and guess what bloody happened?
My final results didn't meet my expectation and it was pretty bad.... My GPA went down 0.35 from my previous semester whilst my CGPA was 'good' enough to decrease 0.01. I mean.... I actually don't know what to feel. Anyhow, I'm grateful with what I got lol. And now, I'm starting my final semester. Yeap, you got that right. FINAL forken semester!!!!!! Who wouldn't be excited lol to finish their studies???
Anyhow, last semester was tough. It really was. I had to deal with my shit to the point of feeling suicidal. Even with my mental health going down the drain, I still managed to keep my pointer at constant so I guess I handled my studies pretty well.
Things were slipping aw…


The title says it all.

I am back in college and to be precise, it's my 3rd week here and after several classes, I'm sad to say that day by day, I'm getting worse. I'm very sluggish and lazy. Long story short, I'm not as motivated as I did in last semester (which was before I start my internship). I mean, it's already my 5th semester and I couldn't afford to be this extra idle, could I?

I actually wrote down in my planner about when my blog posts should be up and all that but as soon as we entered May, I was sorta busy even though I could actually say that I did have stuff came up but most of the time, I was unproductive and miserable. Other than that, I went to Penang again and even went to Dannok, Thailand 2 times lol just to eat! Oh yeah, things I do for food.

Anyhow, I'm currently 'looking' for my moods to write and study. Because, the last thing I would want is; not being productive and unmotivated. My study is at risk.
Also, I hope it's…

Ho Chi Minh City & Mekong River

We meet again!
2 months after I came back from Korea, I boarded another flight to Vietnam. It was a 4D3N trip so there's nothing much that I could do but I made sure I visited the most crucial places one can visit while being in HCMC.
My flight from Alor Setar departed at 0900 and my next flight from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh was at 1500 something and the flight took about 2 hours.

I must say that of all countries that I've been to so far, Vietnam has the easiest immigration to get through. No arrival card, no fingerprint etc. Everything went smooth so I was really starting to like Vietnam 😏
When we were walking to arrival, I stumbled upon a 5 year old Russian kid well he was on the same flight. So, he was struggling with his brother's stroller and bags while his mom was busy collecting the luggage. After watching him struggling so bad 😃, I went out to help him with the stroller and he said "thank you". I mean... the fact that he was polite..... I like kids l…

buang duit @ Namdaemun #SKday5

coolio ahahah
Today, we only wanna shop till we drop. It's all about shopping today hohohoho. But, obviously to shop, we need energy don't we? So, we went to Sindang Tteopokki Town (STT) to eat the famous rapokki. Rapokki is actually combined words from RAMEN + TTEOKPOKKI.

Subway = Sindang Station, Line 2/6, Exit 8
Now, do not get confused, STT is not a restaurant. It is a town which is full with rappoki restaurant(s). They have tons there. You only need to choose ja. 
You know they actually stop and touch up their makeup... Friends who make up together stay together?
if you see this painted stairs, you're on the right exit
so this was the restaurant that we chose
zzzekiut ahaks
so innovative!
After lunch, it's time to shop. So we hopped on a bus heading to Namdaemun market.
Bus = 604, 263, 421, 507, 105, 104, 262, 261, 162 (there's actually tons. Tips: ask the driver whether the bus heading to Namdaemun or not. Come on, you know the drill ahaha) Subway = Hoehyeon, Li…