Bukhara, Uzbekistan. #day4 #day5

January 11, 2014


That night we safely reached Bukhara just about time for dinner. So Bukhara, apa yang best kat sini?

Before that,

Ever heard of Imam Bukhari? 

Muslims, I know you do. 

So, he was born here long long time ago. 

-Back to our arrival-

Upon arrival, we checked into a hotel named Hotel Omar Khayyam. The most important thing is ada wifi! The hotel itself had really nice decorations especially the rooms. 

again, not a good picture idek what is this hahaha

Berendam dalam bath tub filled with warm water. Para para para paradise.....

Suddenly, the phone rang. It was Kak Siti, she's our tour leader from Malaysia.

Main course dia baked potato, baked tapioca and ayam.

After sudah makan balik hotel. Sampai lobby check wifi oyemjay dapat uolls! Aku online la pastu yang lain pon join duduk kat sofa lobby tu. Semua mengadap phone. Anti-social jadinya semua. At last tinggai aku sorang kat situ. Lama lepas tu aku naik bilik. Alaaaaaaa wifi tak sampai kat atas!

Dah wifi slow sangat, I eat some more instead of sleeping.

Pastu explore bilik.

Now, how cool is this?

Tapi TV tak dak apa yang menarik. So lepas makan-makan kita tido.

Next morning, during breakfast, our tour guide came in and said "Hey I got good news for you guys. It's snowing outside!" I was excited la I think because it was my first time touching the snow! Like the actual snow people! Feeling dia tak sama dengan snow kat Genting. lol. 

We finished breakfast like real quick cus it was time to start visiting the places.

Hey Paramore, you guys have been here!

There was a knife shop right in front of the hotel. So, that was our first visit this morning.

Inside the shop. 

I got bored so I went outside. Ya lah aku tak minat pisau-pisau ni.

Lama jugakla lepak kat kedai tu. Pastu jalan-jalan, jumpa kedai kain sutera, baldu semua. 

Just doing my normal pose. Cap tu actually untuk male.


Ni details kubah madrasah mana tah. Alamak tak ingat dah.

After that masuk bazaar. First shop juai spices and teh herba. My dad tried the spice tea sebab free of charge.


Banyak jugak actually aku ambik gambaq spices ni sebab lawa! Lighting pon cun. 

Because it was really cold outside, -7 we went to a carpet factory where we witnessed how those handmade carpets were done and they served us hot tea. Bless you guys! We should appreciate the warm you know. Tapi bila balik Malaysia ni emmmm we should appreciate the cold la kot, no?

Some people of our group. 

Do you know how much does a tray-size carpet cost? 500 ja uolls murah ha. Tapi nope bukan 500 Uzbek Som, it costs 500 USD! Mati!

Besaq tray ja kot 500 USD. Ya lah fully handmade plus tak guna any machine langsung. Not even a single one.  

Hang mampu mengadap benda alah ni berbulan-bulan?

Ada another woman yang buat carpet ni  and my dad talked to her. He joked about wanting to bring her home and surprisingly she said okay!   

Agak lama lepas tu we went out la sambung jalan.

I can't recall what was this place.

While we were busy listening to Baharom explanation ada pulak mak cik ni dok mai menjual makanan! Pastu kami beli la nak taste. It wasn't even expensive pon. Baru keluaq oven/dapoq tradisional rasanya sebab dia mai jual dengan tray.

Cold weather + hot food = Groolness

Ni the other side of the madrasah. Actually depa dua mengadap.

Settle down around and then hop on our bus for Zohoq and lunch. Well to be honest, I was on my period since the first day I came here and the sad part was I didn't get any chance to perform my solat in UZ mosques. But the best part was I didn't have to face the freezing water for wudhuk.

I don't know what's that. Tower ka apa pon tak tau. Masjid yang kami nak pi tu sebelah tu ja.

There was a married couple. Depa bawak baby depa and amagad cute gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Ni aaa baby tuuuu. 

Pastu bini dia ambik gambaq dengan aku tapi guna camera dia so tak dak gambaq in my camera. Tapi aku paling sedih sebab tak dak gambaq dengan baby ni!

Takde gamba dengan baby ni sebab depa dok kalut panggil suruh cross jalan and kami tak masuk pun Citadel Ark yang depan mata ni.

Citadel Ark.


I stayed on the bus practically till the jemaah came back. Random shots were taken during our way for lunch.

Buxoro is Bukhara.

Bit blurry tho. Somsa is samosa la I think.

And yeay food!

Karavan Restaurant. Waiter dia handsome but I was so shy to ask for a picture with him.

Nasik dia sticky sikit tapi ayam shhedap sekali!

I was dying nak pee. Dok pikiaq nakpi ka dak sebab takut tak dak ayaq panas. At last aku pi jugak berbekalkan botol kosong. Mula-mula masuk okay. Tengah peeing tu ada pulak awek-awek masuk dalam toilet. Penuh wei.

Pastu usha aku pelik.

Why? Is it because I wear tudung?!

No not yang handsome and bye bye Karavan!

Lepas lunch pi tempat ni.

From here, we walked to our hotel cus apparently it was walking distance. Later than that, the group was 'accidentally' separated. I walked with my dad and we saw some construction worker well they were locals la and you know what?

''Konnichiwa!" while smiling.

"Konnichiwa!" I said back to him.

First of all, he was young. Second, I wear tudung. Third, dadsie and I were not even white and sepet. Fourth, we didn't even look like a frickin Japanese.

Damn I was amused and agak jauh dah dari the construction site tu both of us burst out laughing. Really, it was that funny.

Night came and we didn't really travel at night except for dinner. Nasi Bukhara it was. It tasted like briyani though. It was wet and sweet and oily. Nonetheless, it was delicious. Put this in your itinerary if you're in Bukhara.

Bit blurry but who cares.

Nasi Bukhara which had the whole garlic instead of se-ulas.

Right after dinner, balik hotel and again it was time for the anti-social people. Long after surfing the internet session, I went upstairs for another eating 'adventure'. There was no kettle in the room so I had to go downstairs to get a jug of hot water from Aziz. Aziz was really nice and he spoke good English. We made ourselves Lipton teh tarik instant.

Then, I remembered that we brought along serunding so yeah let's! And only then I went to sleep.

That morning, diarrhea came knocking. Merde it was a mistake, a terrible one for eating the serunding. Bull lort.

My mood was spoiled that when I got onto the bus, I literally slept until we reached Samarkand.

But, tak tidoq la for the first 30 minutes.

I wonder why the kubah half ja?


Snowy desert.

Because I didn't know what to do, nak snap pictures macam dah boring. Nak baca novel tak dak mood and the feels of sleeping tu just mai macam tu ja.

Dengan sejuknya, sleepynya and boom!

Till then,
-xxx Y

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