Khiva, Uzbekistan. #day3

January 09, 2014

That morning after breakfast, semua orang dah get ready kat lobby sebab we all nak masuk City In The City tu lagi for real. Yesterday tu didn't count cus it wasn't in our itinerary. 

Lobby dia biasa ja and the best part aku rasa giant chess ni ja. 

So this is our hotel. 


I must say this mak cik has got to be the fanciest cleaner ever haha.

Aunty Suria with Uzbek kids. They were going to school.

This minaret pendek sebab the architect mati pastu his brother didn't want to finish it.
Awh such brother-love.

           Starting nak masuk bazaar. 

The guy saw me snapping some photos of  roti and mak cik ni dok kemas meja dia pastu dia tolong ambik roti tu tunjuk!

She's pretty and has golden teeth!

Kepala hilang pulak mak cik ni. Gambaq dah lawa kot abah!


Orang sini besaq! Tapi kereta, van depa semua size kecik.

Nampak ja dapoq tandoori tu, semua pakat serbu pastu bakaq tangan! Sejuk weh.

Selalu tengok kat instagram Fynn Jamal ja Beeline ni and now? I bet Kazakh share dengan Uzbek.

I had fun walking through the bazaar. Yaknow, it's always a pleasure when travelling tengok how the locals live their life. Kehidupan sebenar macam tu. Not some kind of a bunch of teenagers hanging out at mall.

The ancient crafted doors.

'Istana' bini-bini Genghis Khan. It was huge la jugak sebab each of them had their own 'bilik'.

This one was another building and it's actually a mosque. It's pretty damaged. All the damaged was done by Genghis Khan. My whole life was a total lie! I've always thought Genghis was a muslim and no, he's not. He was anti-Islam.  

After we finished visiting City in the City, we went to another state through a snowy desert! I found it funny though. Biasa aahh perak. luls. What did I do in the bus was dozing off. Jetlag was still there, I supposed.

The next thing I know was lunch.

Yes that's a freaking plate full of fried fish! It was very delicious, I tell you. One must have when visiting this ex-Soviet Union.

This was our tour guide, Baharom. The melon he's cutting costs about RM 400 at ISETAN but we got it for free there. Melon ni kat sana murah ja la, juai kat bazaar ja pon. 

Itu lah ikan yang kami makan tadi! Ayaq dia ada yang dah beku. So tabah these ikan-ikan. 

The only eatery dekat desert ni.

Feeling back to the ancient time.

Till next post!
-xxx Y

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