Samarkand, Uzbekistan. #day6 #day7

January 14, 2014

So the next day ahead, we went to Samarkand. Honestly, I think Samarkand modern lagi dari Tashkent. But terlepas so many breathtaking views sebab I slept in the bus. Let's say if the bus moved for 8 hours therefore, I would sleep for 8 hours. I didn't know why. Maybe it was jetlag lagi. And when I was there, I noticed that their Christmas decorations were so stunning and everywhere Christmas tree I mean restaurant ka, hotel etc. But one thing, they didn't celebrate Christmas buttttt all those decorations were for New Year.

After sampai Samarkand, we went for dinner and I felt like I was having dinner in a pub. 

it's kinda blurry. sorry

this thing is called lavash (roti) and sedap nak mamp.

and inside dia LAMB.

But I felt terribly sad because I didn't eat anything except the must-have-starter-bread and dessert. All due to my diarrhea yang I started getting it when I was in Bukhara. Sebab ratah serunding the night before, I couldn't enjoy my vacation! Part paling best when it was time for dessert and guess what they served us?! It's a freaking bowl of ice-cream. Winter ( cold weather ) + ice-cream = ?

blurry again. dance and dance

Then, esoknya we went to Mausoleum Imam Al-Bukhari! At first, I thought he was born in Bukhara (which he did) and interred in Bukhara too. It turned out dia lahir kat Bukhara and dikebumikan kat Samarkand. It was a pleasure and yet memorable indeed because I had a chance to visit his birthplace and tomb. *grins*

The tomb

Keliling the tomb ada benches which we could sit and sedekah Al-Fatihah or any surah you want. Kubah dia  covered macam tu because of winter. After winter, they would open it back so nampak la kubah yang biru muda.

If I'm not mistaken, this house ada sort of kenduri.

Notice that their building banyak petak and not interesting at all? That's because government punya syarat the outside must look traditional and old but inside they could modernize. Once you get inside, you would be totally amazed by its decoration.

Lepas makam Imam Al-Bukhari, we went to a really cool bazaar but this bazaar only sell dried fruits and nuts. Kinda weird because it has those things only but I positively thought that this bazaar only sell dried fruits and nuts because of the season. And so few of souvenir shops.

Apricots ada banyak jenis I tell you!

my dad called it brain nut cus it looked like brain

Almond covered with sugar. MUST BUY. There were two types, one groundnut another one almond.

Across the road, there were a mosque and belah kanan tu cemetery.

IT'S A DONKEY. I thought mana ada dah mankind guna donkey for transport but Uzbek has proved it!

площадь Регистан ( Registan Square )

Till then,
xxx Y

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