Tashkent, Uzbekistan. #day8

January 15, 2014

I forgot to tell you guys one story about makam Imam Bukhari which have been told by our tour guide. I don't know when it was but there was one time Indonesian government nak beli the tomb sekali tanah and everything yang related dengan Imam Bukhari to bring back to Indonesia. They thought Uzbek didn't appreciate it and there's no any intention of making it as tourist attraction. Plus, it was left behind. At last, Uzbek decided not to sell anything and they cleaned the tomb up and opened for visits. Since then, the mausoleum jadi tourist attraction. 

So the next day ahead, we made our move back to Tashkent before flying off back to Malaysia! On the way dari Samarkand to Tashkent, we stopped by kat monument Amir Timur which was located at Shahrisabz. Wanna know him? GOOGLE him! He was a soldier yang sangat smart. Dia jugak right-handed but then, his father tied him kat one chair to train him to start writing guna left hand. After arriving in Tashkent, we straight away went to lunch.

Roti ni paling sedap compared to semua bread yang pernah di-served kan! 
Teringin lagi argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Veges yang sweet and masam. I ate tomato ja.

The restaurant! The waiters ada muka Japanese, ada jugak Korean.

Masa stopped-by kat mosque like bus baru stop nak park. Budak ni threw snow kat my seat (cermin la i mean) Then turun, we had a snowfight! Thankfully, I tak kena langsung hahaha.

This boy eager gila kot!

This one tak berani sangat but he makan the snow! -,-

Hadzrati Imam, kompleks Islam. 


Lepas tu, kami pi bazaar yang jual chocolates, dessert etc and ada some souvenir shops. Last point to shop tbh.

Dessert yang they selalu serve us. Cakes and etc.

Biscuits! Ni selalu serve time breakfast.


You see yang middle dia kosong? It was me who cleaned them all!

Last dinner in Uzbekistan. Last Uzbekistan food.

After dinner apa semua, ada certain people hang kat lobby hotel then we went out jalan-jalan around. Masa ni dah after 10 pm. People yang macam freehair boleh keluaq lagi but women with hijab tak boleh keluaq rumah dah. So yang lain tu tukaq pakai snowcap. Tak worry sangat cus I didn't pakai tudung after beli the cap! It covered my hair and ears then I used muffle to cover my neck. So, I was still covered.

Back from the coffee house my dad, me, Amanina and Hussien lepak kat lobby until 2 AM. Sembang-sembang and tengok video yang my dad record.

Gigantic Christmas tree kat depan hotel.

And it was time to leave Uzbekistan. I had fun despite all the sleeping. It's a nice place to visit and I would go back there one day!

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