Uzbekistan Bound #day1 #day2

January 09, 2014

I've decided to separate the posts so come let's join my adventure! 

18.12.2013, it was 5.30 in the morning when I showered and actually I didn't sleep the whole night. FYI, my sleeping schedule was fricked-up and a mess so I decided to stay awake so I could wake my dad. After breakfast, we went to AOR airport. It was too crowded I was like "hey dad are we at the right airport?". It was so rare to see AOR airport filled with so many people. Nonetheless, we checked in our luggage and waited. Around 8.20, we went to departure hall and flew straight to KLIA at 9.

And here's my first selfie with dad!

After the arrival, we waited for the next flight to Tashkent. I slept like 6 hours before departure mind you I didn't sleep the night before and when I was sleeping, my dad made a tour around KLIA because he was bored and even went to LCCT. Transit kannnn dah la stucked for 12 hours but never mind, I woke up at 1815 or so and had dinner.

 At 1930, my dad and the rest of the group checked in our luggage and went to the gate.

The immigration officer thought I was going to fly there for my studies lol.

 About 2255 hrs, we flew to Tashkent (yay!)

Uzbekistan Airways meal and the cake was good.
Kuning tu mashed potato and the brown one, let's just assume it as beef rendang. It was really good. 

After eating, I was dozing off again because come again; sleeping is the only activity that we would do on board as banyak-banyak benda yang kita boleh buat dalam flight, 90% we would just only sleep. Gila tak tidoq 8 hours non-stop kot dahla in-flight entertainment aka the screen pon tak dak! At approximately 0400 in the morning and 0700 in Malaysia, we touched down in Tashkent. Then macam biasa keluaq flight but I tak pakai any coat just outfit yang siang tu ja and sadly they didn't have the tube thingy so kena la guna tangga andddddddddd HAHAHAHAHAHA mulut berasap terus kot and bajet cool la boleh jalan macam tu tak pakai coat apa. Rasa macam VIP pulak lepas keluaq, the Russian army well in this case Uzbeks army dok tunggu lepas tu started walking to the shuttle bus yang carried us to the terminal building. When I was queueing for Immigration, I noticed that their people macam rude la dok push people suka hati and line up pon macam apa lagi and aku pulak was the last person in the group yang kena collect the visas, cuak habis. Lagi bengang bila dok tunggu kat luggage claim tu ergh ergh ergh I felt like nak jerit kat muka sorang-sorang PAHAM DAK BEQATOQ AND TUNGGU TURN (sorry for the substitution of R to Q tapi lantak ah I am UTARA people lol) oh betapa sakit hati ku dikala itu. Tapi paling sakit hati masa tengah jalan nak pi bas tu boleh pulak ada mamat ni dok tolak jugak trolley yang letak luggage tu dahla yang dah stack panjang-panjang tu sedangkan time tu aku dok jalan nak cross dia and he saw me yang tengah susah payah dok tarik my luggage but gedik tolak jugak tunggu lagi terus emo la and start la bagi bad perspectives kat Uzbek ni emm boleh paham ayat tak dak period or comma ni? DAMN MY FEET WAS HURT.

Sunrise in Tashkent perhaps.

They drive on right hand side in a LADA. The car was small.

So after Subuh, our travel guide took us to an Uzbek 'fast food' restaurant, named Drujba to have our breakfast. I had Nescafe and dad had a kebab. After that, our guide took us to a shopping mall yang kononnya nak warm us up la but still sejuk before next flight to Urgench-Khiva. That time 1 degree kot well not really sure.


Inside the mall yang totally way different from Malaysian malls.

Artworks pon ada! So sorry for the quality.

Around 12 macam tu, we went back to the airport. It took 2 hours to Urgench. Khiva was located 35 km away from Urgench, sampai dalam pukul berapa tak ingat. Walked around sat at the place which we're going to visit the next day.

I look like a mother struggling to keep her kids happy without their daddy.

City in the city.

I assume that they're Russian.

And then came the most exciting part, it was time to lunch! Well guys, starter, main course, tea and dessert!

Dessert and unsweetened tea.

Because lunch kat rumah family Uzbek yang inside the city tu so lepas makan kami continue jalan-jalan dalam tu.

Dad's vlogging.

Khiva sundown.

Dah gelap then check in hotel. At 8 pm we went out again and it was time for dinner. Again, STARTER, MAIN COURSE, TEA AND DESSERT.

Ni starter.

Ni main dish dia and the funny things is semua dok teka bayam la apa la rupa-rupanya benda hijau tu mee and putih tu yogurt susu kambing. Sedap.


Hang kalau mai sini mesti gila punya dengan depa punya babies and kids. Comel sangat. Tak tau nama dia apa pastu my dad called him Junior.

Nahhh here's a selfie from moi.

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