A little piece of heaven in Bandung

February 18, 2014


So the next day ahead, we checked out and left hotel at 7.40 am and went straight to Cempaka Emas to rent a van. Cipaganti, remember? When we arrived there, my dad rushed in to get our tickets. It costs Rp. 90000 per pax which was really cheap! Then, we waited for the next van. Hell yes, the Cipaganti building has free wifi! God bless them.

Sampai Bandung, dia akan exit tol Pasteur. Bila sampai Cipaganti passenger drop-off, we hired a taxi and went to Trans Studio Mall (TSM) and met with our Bandung friends. Waktu tengah tunggu our friends, my grams wanted to go to the loo so since she's not that strong (pakai tongkat takut jatuh free ja) I had to accompany her. Initially, tak ada pon rasa nak masuk TSM ni cus it looks like Malaysian mall ja pon. Tak dak beza sangat. Pastu masuk nak teman tok, KAN BETOI WHAT I SAID EARLIER . Sama ja dengan Malaysian mall. Esprit, MnGGuess, Topshop, Topman semua ada lah. Banyak Arabian dalam mall ni or should I say Middle Eastener?

 Didn't have enough time to try out but surely I will come back (kot)!

 At first, I thought it was a statue or something but then he moved. I got astonished as I saw him walk and started asking for money. I had this guilty feeling inside cus I ignored him after taking a picture of him. 

 Pasar Baru Trade Centre. 
(definitely will come back!)

 Nah, we didn't eat all of them. You could choose what do you want to eat. So kalau lauk yang tak sentuh, they wouldn't charge. Masakan Padang, alhamdulillah boleh telan.

 YEAP. I managed to go to Kartika Sari and bought their famous brownies. Literally craving for some more.

Blossom Family Outlet.
Mind you, this is the only outlet that I managed to go due to our shortage of time and I don't really shop to be honest but when I do, I shopped a lot.

After shopping in Blossom, we went back as the next day we're going back to Malaysia. We rented a private car and it took us only 1 hour to get back in Jakarta. Actually, I wanted to visit Nike Factory Store and The Secret but masa tak mengizinkan nak buat macam mana but sebenaqnya boleh ja sebab Jakarta-Bandung 2 jam ja naik kereta and 1 jam kalau waktu malam cus the highway tak busy sangat and what I noticed la kan, they punya 'RnR' MOSTLY ada drive-thru Starbucks! Excited okay. Okay back to the topic, should be by 12 noon kami dah sampai tapi boleh pulak sampai around 2 pm. Naik train rasanya dah boleh sampai kot. Train 3 jam. Well, let's be more positive maybe Allah has better plan. Who knows kan?

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