Jakarta, Indonesia.

February 05, 2014

I didn't expect anything when I was in Jakarta because it was my 3rd time of visiting Indonesia. But I must say, Jakarta (though it was hambar) was more fun than Medan. Back in 2011, I went to Medan which kinda made me said "I would never come back here again!" cus it was boring and I went through a fricking culture shock. The traffics, the people and culture and FOOD.

23.1.2014 - We flew to Jakarta at 6.35 pm from Penang and around 9 pm, we safely arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport. Tips : use a metered taxi (compare to taxi yang tak ada meter so dia tak boleh nak con hang) kalau nak transfer airport to hotel. Then, we rushed to our hotel at Taman Lagura Indah in Cempaka Putih. I got to see rumah orang-orang Indon kaya. Just like dalam sinetron. So the next morning, we went to Plaza Atrium to get Daytrans cus we were planning to go to Bandung. Boleh pulak my grams left her medicines kat hotel tu! So patah balik pi ambik. Anyways, Daytrans was a company yang could send people, courier to Bandung-Jakarta. We waited like 5 hours but ughhh the Daytrans was taik. Geram kot, I imagined the outlets yang I would visit and shop. At last, 5 pm centu we hired an Angkot (public transport). Always remember that, to travel is to immerse yourself with the locals so off we went to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. 

Please ignore my muka letih-panas-not-in-the-mood-but-was-forced-to-take-pictures-face

 I was so frustrated because I couldn't get to see all of the houses in TMII. We arrived pon, dah gelap dah. But paling frust was tak dapat pi Bandung on that day. Pusing-pusing around TMII then check in hotel. I checked my phone, my friend from Bandung asked me kenapa tak guna Cipaganti? Cipaganti ni company rental transport Jakarta-Bandung and you know what?! I didn't check her message early. Dahla she sent it dalam pukul 2.30 pm and I didn't read? Sakit hati tak tau nak describe macam mana.

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