Mabuhay Pilipinas : Mt. Pinatubo, Tarlac. #part1

February 09, 2015

The night before, I did study all over again how to get to Mt Pinatubo using free computer at the lobby. It was quite a very long time. My feet totally went numb. Dah la no chairs were provided. I just had to stand. Before going to the Philippines, I already did my research on how to get there as I was the one who insisted to do the itinerary but then hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

There are packages for this tour actually but they cost a lot as the package includes pick-up from hotel to Tarlac, 4x4 ride, guide, lunch, conservation fee, tent, mineral water and so forth. From my reading, kalau nak ambik package you have to book early and then kalau ambik yang ada lunch sekali tu muslim food or halal food dia bagi nasi dengan sayur. Ingat boleh kenyang? Tu from SM's experience la then he said ada ja cara murah nak sampai sana naik jeepney bla bla pastu nanti sampai just ambik 4x4, guide and fee.

Hah sudah! 

How la to get there ni study and study and study lagi sampai jumpa wiki travel ni well it kinda helped but it was complicated.

Anyways, Tune itself ada jugak tour pi Pinatubo tapi working hours dia office hour and that time it was 2315. Ada sejenis kebangangan di situ sebab tak book waktu check in.

According to we have to take jeepney to Capas, Tarlac and bla bla banyak cekadak pastu I google-ed some more and found DIY Pinatubo tour. On top of that, the Tourism Office opens at 5 in the morning and closes at 8. I was like the heck sat tu ja dia bukak?! Kalau yang package tu takyah fret la sebab semua dah inclusive. Cuma get ready by 5 AM pastu there you go sampai balik hotel.

Tapi, tak best jugak kalau dah ''well planned'' and you pay then you go. Tak adventure gitu. Sama jugakla dengan travel with travel agency. Yeah I don't really like using travel agency sebab tak fun and kena ikut their time. Dan banyak lagi buttttttttttttttttt kalau nak travel to somewhere yang unfamiliar dengan Malaysia macam Uzbek ka kan ha yang tu kena consider gak la.   

At last, I sorted out our plan to go there by myself. My plan was to charter a taxi or :-

1- Take jeepney to Main Gate
2- Take jeepney at Main Gate to Dau bus terminal
3- Take bus to Capas in Tarlac
4- Take tricycle to Santa Juliana
5- From Santa Juliana, go to Tourism Office and book 4x4, guide and fees.

*fast forward*

Damn we were late. We should get ourselves to the bus terminal at 5.30 but we woke up at 6. We must have missed our bus. And oh anyway, masa kat sini sama dengan Malaysia cuma they received the Sun awal dari kita. Kiranya at 5.55 tu dah cerah la.

Okay sedaq diri dah lewat, siap laju-laju pastu at 7 baru turun. Naik jeepney to its terminal pastu turun then crossed the road. Kat Main Gate tu ada jugak jeepney yang lalu kat jalan tu pastu kami naik la jeepney tu cakap nakpi Dau.

Driver jeepney tu cakap kalau nak pi Dau kena naik jeepney kat terminal and dia tak pi Dau. Tapi, kami naik jugak sebab taktau nak kena naik jeepney yang kat mana. Pastu driver jeepney tu ada la bini dan anak dia. Agaknya dia kesian tengok kami yang macam totally CLUELESS ni pastu he sent us to Frienship terminal.

Okay okay kan kami naik jeepney kat atas jalan pastu dia pusing patah balik hantaq kat terminal. 

And terminal tu dekat sebelah jalan tu saja that we could jump out from the jeepney itself! 

SEBELAH jalan tu ja kot. Pastu dia tak mintak pon duit tambang.

Ish tak boleh terima la sebelah tu ja. It was just opposite the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Okay from the terminal, we told the conductor that we need to get to Dau bus terminal and then the conductor told us to ride this jeepney going to Dau. So, we hop on that one again. The jeepney made its move la kan and 5 minutes later the driver shouted something saying Dau or something.

Maybe he was telling us that we had reached Dau bus terminal but we were not sure what he was shouting about because it was in TAGALOG. For some time, I just freaking hate you language barrier.

Plus, from the point that he stopped we couldn't see any sign of bus or even the terminal itself because jalan nak masuk terminal tu macam nak masuk kampung sebab kecik. Jadi, we ignored him until semua passenger turun except 4 of us.

The driver asked us something later than that. I told him we were going to Santa Juliana, that we need a bus to get there and he seemed like umm he didn't know the place until finallly my father told him that we're going to Pinatubo.


Apa lagi, kena marah lagi la dengan abah sebab tak habaq kat driver tu awai-awai nak pi Pinatubo. Come to think of it, it was my fault jugak tak bagitau awai-awai nak pi sana. Gagah nak do everything ikut plan sendiri. Dengan we were running out of time takut Tourism Office tu tutup. Salah jeepney, salah route and all. But, thrill macam tu la best!

After knowing where we actually were heading, we had some convos with the driver. 

''No. Malaysia''
''I went to Kuala Lumpur once''
''Waaa nice''
''Malaysia no jeepney like this?'' 
''Yeah we don't have anything like jeepney or tricycle. But Indonesia has their own. Thailand, Cambodia. We only have bus and taxi''

Back in Malaysia, I asked my dad kenapa Malaysia tak dak public transport macam ni and he said :

''Orang Malaysia ni tak suka naik public transport'' which is somehow true.

Back to jeepney Arab.

''I used to work in Saudi Arabia''
''Then, you must know how to speak Arabic''
''Yah I speak Arabic. hayouiidsjsdfjbskbc'' kononnya cakap Arab la.
''No no I don't speak Arabic''

Wahh cool gila driver ni so I called him jeepney Arab when we were counting our total expenses.

Sampai kat Friendship terminal tu dia tak mintak pon tambang. Siap dia suggest suruh ambik taxi. I just ummm IDK. Filipino were so nice I almost cried. After thanking him, we proceeded to find taxi.

While roaming around to find this so called taxi, taxis were nowhere to be seen. I almost gave up. Everybody was depending on me ja kot. Stres kot but not to waste our precious time I approached a woman sitting on her tricycle.

''Excuse me maam. Do you know where we can find taxi?''
''Just cross that road and then you go upstair and then get down. There are taxis there''
''SM Transport Terminal?''
''Yes that one''
''Okay po. Thank you very much. Maraming salamat''

Glad I could understand her guide despite of her thick accent but not toooo strong like that receptionist. 

Sampai dekat SM terminal tu, cari la taxi nya tapi haram lah tak dak sebab kat area Angeles City ni memang taxi tak dak sign TAXI kat atas kereta tu so kena pi tanya sendiri kat driver tu. 

''Excuse me sir. Can you go to Pinatubo?''
''3000. I wait for you 4 hours''
''Discount please? 2 5?''
''No no umm 2800?''


Senang ja kot kalau nak pi sendiri Pinatubo ni dari hotel kalau tak guna tour package tu. Senang sangat ha tapi punyalah bersusah-payah naik jeepney pastu salah jeepney then naik lagi konon nakpi Dau terminal. WAAAAAAAAAA

Kiranya naik jeepney from Tune pastu sampai cross ja la jalan tu terus pi SM Terminal tu then chartered taxi tu pi balik!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Dalam kereta tu pikiaq ''Hmm takpalah kita struggle. Kot nanti ada orang nakpi boleh jadi guide depa''

THRILL gila weh hahaha.

Okay sambung next post!

Before that, nah belanja dua.


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