Mabuhay Pilipinas : Nightlife.


It's March! Yeay new month, new resolution and most important of all is SPM results in 2 days. Well, if you ask me how do I feel right now well um my answer is I DO NOT KNOW. I seriously seriously serious don't feel anything. It is somehow weird because I should be trembled and panic and anxious about it. Not that I have confidence that my results are gonna turn out great but it's just I don't know. I just don't.

Well anyways, it's been two weeks (?) eh since my last update. I know I know that's quite a long time to waste for a SPM leaver. But, sorry though I was quite busy cus I had to submit my application for International Youth Exchange and then settled some stuff. Okay, that bloody thing only took 3 days to settle and left me 1 week and a half? Actually, I was busy studying for my next trip and did not have the feels to update my story rather than blogwalking and study. I was busy right????

Okay not to procrastinate some more, let's!

When we got into our room. We just lazed and rest cus the hike was very tiring. I didn't even plan to go out but after Maghrib ( I think) my dad came to my room asking whether to join or else. I was so tired and sleepy but my aunt kinda somehow persuaded me to go out cus we haven't visited Mexico City yet. We just wanted to take some photo there as a 'gimmick' we're in Mexico!!!! instead of Philippines. 

Despite of my letih-ness, sleepiness, flat-ness, drain-ness and so on, I went out la. I decided to ignore what I felt. It's not everyday you get to see other place aite.

When we were waiting for the jeepney, the bellboy told us to stay safe and balik awai. Oh, beside the hotel building ada cafe. When the jeepney sampai, so kami cepat-cepatla nak naik kan tetiba ada orang panggil ''MA'AM MA'AM'' tapi I ignored him lol but he kept calling so my aunt stopped. He asked where were we headed, what time are we coming back and so forth. After that, he walked up to the driver and told him to get us down exactly kat terminal.

Told you guys, Filipino hospitality is so good. Furthermore, I think he's worried la kot kan cus it was quite late and also sebab APEC conference tu. But most of the time, people mistaken us as delegates.

So, we went to lorong-lorong gelap............ DO YOU KNOW HOW AWKWARD IT WAS TO WALK IN THAT STREET WITH MY HIJAB??????? But then, alah you tourist buat donno dah la.

Ada halal restaurant tapi hampeh. Order lain dapat lain. Order tapi tak hantaq pon tahla and since my order tak dapat pon, aku tidoq kat situ. Letak kepala atas meja macam kat sekolah pastu sedaq pon sebab semua dah sudah.

After that, we walked some more. From what I noticed, hooker semua tak lawa. Even bapok pon. Bapok siam jugak yang lawa. 

Sampai kat at the end of the street, we didn't know where to go so kami berdiri kat situ tengok people. Korean men banyak gila dok dengan hooker. Then, naik tricycle. Nak pi hotel la tu....

At the end of the street.

Ni kalau jadi apa-apa, agak-agak macam mana engineer nak repair?
Punya la berselirat.

Spoil en blur.

OPPA Korean Restaurant. Fascinating right its name?
Ambik gambaq the whole kedai blur so yea ni ja la mampu.

Then, we walked balik kat jalan tu. Dalam 5 minutes walking kot, my dad suruh jalan cepat sikit and ajak balik cepat.

Blur lagi!

Eiffel tower in Angeles City!

We went back to the terminal and then crossed the road cus my dad wanted to get us tickets to Manila next morning and minutes after that he came back saying that he didn't find any bus terminal. LOL.

Cus we couldn't hold any longer, we decided to go back. Went to the terminal, told the driver that we wanted to get down at Tune Hotels and there we go.

It was so easy tau using this jeepney thingy kat sini. By sini I mean Angeles City la cus jeepney tu one way ja lepastu dia stop kat hotel. The bellboy still kat situ and he asked us how was it and from his face, he seemed relieved.

I love filipino. So so so nice.

Sooooo, the clubs were cool but the hookers are not. They were loud!


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