Mabuhay Pilipinas : Manila.

April 22, 2015


Not gonna lie. Aku malas gila nak update and write. Anyway, I just got back from KL. It was not an impromptu visit or well planned because last Tuesday I got an email from KBS saying I was eligible for PSYCHOLOGY TEST which was held on Saturday at Menara KBS at Putrajaya for the International Youth Exchange programme ihiks. I personally counted how many people were gonna be there and I was like "only 30 people got this email? Like really? Of all people!"

And so, I went there and to my surprise it was lotsa people actually. It was absolutely more than 500 people. Quite okay because dia buat zoning and paling banyak was from zon tengah. Tu pon, ada ja yang tak pi. After that we went to IKEA for brunch and shopping!

Alright enough about that. Jom jom jom finish this spoiled trip. It kinda makes me wanna strangle myself for procrastinating for so so so so so longgggggggg.

As promised, Rholand (taxi driver aka saviour) arrived at 6.30 in the morning. Our first stop was Malacanang Palace.

Malacanang is pronounced as MA-LA-QA-NYANG. Well, depan dia banyak civilian dok jogging and we happened to see a group of girls yang pakai shawl. Nampak macam Malaysian but tah.

Of course we're not allowed to go inside the palace.

Liberation of Manila.

After that, we went to Quiapo, pronouced as KI-YA-POK. Kat sini la where filipino muslim community live. TAUGHT ME TO BE THANKFUL FOR BEING BORN MUSLIM IN MALAYSIA.

Manila Golden Mosque.

Nope. Tak makan kedai ni.

After that, pi makan kat halal resto kat situ and tell you what. Food dia nampak lalu jugakla nak makan. Better than Indonesia. Also, ni just my personal opinion. Still in the same area, we went for flag + souvenir hunting.

JUST IN CASE if you wanna buy souvenir, cari kedai ni. The cheapest kat sini but variety dia takla banyak sangat. Philippines ni bukan tempat craft. Keychain dia tak best. Fridge magnet yang lawa pon ada satu ja. Continue crying sebab takpi KULTURA kat SM Mall.

I don't even know apa benda yang Rholand tunjuk ni but he said this thing ada dekat Baguio. 
So, see you soon Baguio!

Ok, I saw purse kulit apa tak tau tapi keras la kat this shop and purse tu ada dalam 13 biji kot in one plastic bag. Then, aku ambik belek-belek semua pastu ada 2-3 purse tulis Sabah. Pastu, aku tanya dia nak replace boleh dak kan sebab we have Sabah in Malaysia. She was quite threatened lol and dia macam teragak-agak nak kata Sabah tu Filipina punya jugak. Aku macam lol depa ni tak leh nak move on lagi ka Sabah bukan hampa punya.

Bukan la apa kan tapi dulu Sabah yang willingly nak join Malaysia cus they know it would be hard kalau depa under Filipina. Rakyat hang pon tak terbela Filipina weh, sibuk nak tuntut tempat orang. *emo* 

And so, malas nak bertekak dengan mak cik kedai aku beli jugakla purse Sabah pon kat Philippines ni. Haru betoi.

Pastu, we went to Intramuros!

Ada ja benda spoil kat mana-mana. I mean that flagpole sebab blok tulisan tu. Sigh.


San Augustine Church.

The heavily crafted door.

Manila Cathedral.


FEE : 75 pesos.

Wedding photoshoot~~~

The actual gate of Fort Santiago.
 What's inside?

Stay tune.

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  1. Totally understand you pasal procrasttination nak hapdet entry pasal travelling. Anyway there's this feeling of excitement reading all your entries on manila. can't wait for more (you did say stay tune kan) :)

    1. Oh hello there!

      Sorry baru perasan your comment and sorry for the super late reply. I'm on my way to finish my Philippines' entries! Thank you for enjoying them and enjoy the rest of it tee hee =D