I need RM 7k anyone care to donate?

parahoy 2

if only i had straight A's on my slip, i would have booked it.

dad said no even though i told him even if i had to, i'd be using my own money. Still, no.

his legit reason was, if my SPM result was a straight A's then it's a yes. 

But seriously though, the first batch of PARAHOY was last year and truth be told, I did not even consider of going because apparently 2014 was my big year.

And now that I've flunked my SPM, what more could I do? 

No, don't get me wrong. I've accepted my result wholeheartedly and i didn't cry or feeling down like i did when i was short of one A for my PMR but yeah this is just heartbreaking.

Do you feel my pain?  


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