Styling Muslimah Attire these Days

September 30, 2015

A little while back, the Muslimah; merely in Malaysia--they don't really care about their attire whether it conforms to Islamic religion  due to lack of awareness in dressing based on religious guidelines and not to mention, creativity in Muslimah fashion was not wide and varies until recently, the Muslimah fashion industry starts gaining attention among fashion lovers in Malaysia.

 Equivalently, the Muslimah fashion industry is growing lively by those trendy collections of Muslimah clothing with a modern twist. Despite that, not all women clothing can be categorized as Muslimah attire. That being the case, what are the attributes of the Muslimah attire and what are the appropriate ways to style these clothing?

Basically, proper Muslimah attire shall be designed to fully cover the aurah and also have a loose cutting. Additionally, the fabrics used must also not outlandish to unveil the figure of the wearer. Not to be forgotten, to match the colour of the attire with the right scarf (hijab).


For a modest yet trendy and casual Muslimah clothing, you can simply look stunning with a loose Muslimah which can be matched with a maxi skirt or a pair of slack pants. But, bear in mind to make sure the design of the blouse or even shirt covers the whole part of your hips.

Last but not least, if you want to wear your favourite short sleeves t-shirts or blouse, try to get a cardigan or jacket as an outerwear to cover your revealed body parts. There are other types of outerwear you can consider too such as kimono or long cardigan and blazer. 

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