Mabuhay Pilipinas : Manila (last part)

Assalamualaikum and hye!


The last part of Philippines adventure. Took me about 8 months to finish (someone please kill me). Okay not to procrastinate some more, taralets!

Fort Santiago, so inside there was Rizal Shrine.

And then, came the last part of Fort Santiago......

Last Walk to Martyrdom

So this is him, Jose Rizal. Noooo not exactly him, just a replica of him anyway and he was this small actually.    

His last footsteps before his death sentence.

How I enjoy Philippines! *no sarcasm intended*

That's all for Fort Santiago. I really liked this fort though. I didn't know why and I just did. After this historical visit, we went back to  Rizal Park just to catch how they look in the sun before flying back to Malaysia.

To kill our time some more, Rholand (our taxi driver) took us to Coconut Palace. Have you heard about this palace anyway cus I've never heard of it and I seemed to happen to not know about it from any blogs. It was named after its design and this is where vice president lives.

Malacanang Palace is where the PRESIDENT lives and Coconut Palace is where VICE president of the Philippines lives.

Obviously we're not allowed to go inside =)

How many of you would visit some country Convention Center?

There seemed to be a lot of this Jollibee in the Philippines. It's fast food restaurant and I didn't have the chance to check it out. Even if I did, the halal authorisation wasn't sure. I've read somewhere that there's Jollibee in Brunei! Might wanna check it out once there ihiks. 

Our drama(s) did not stop there anyway! Once we reached the airport, it was terminal 3. We had to argue with security and ground crew because security cakap flight to KL was in terminal 3. But, when we were about to check in (psst we're still lining up at that time), the ground crew came to us and he said KL bound is at terminal 4. and the rest you guys can figure out ah dok gaduh security and crew tu. And mestila crew menang!

Our flight was scheduled at 1630hrs but we went there early like 4 hours before because my dad takut things like this would happen luls cus it's Philippines and we're not familiar with her yet. How right was he when he decided to go to the airport early.

Not to waste time anymore, we called Rholand to take us to NAIA terminal 4 which took about 1 hour from terminal 3 ="). Aaagghh the hassle. Lol anyway, Rholand yang cakap Air Asia punya flights yang bound for KUL tu kat terminal 3. So, whose fault now?

Anyhoots, we reached there. The terminal was small. Macam you line up masuk terminal building tu I mean kat door terus counter check in. LOLS.

And then, drama lagi gais!!!!! Kena pay for Traveller Tax which was 550 pesos per person and we didn't have any pesos left ="). Pastu kelam kabut tukaq USD to PESOS and thank God ada money changer kast outside terminal. Ya Allah the struggle was real!

Settle tukaq duit, pi balik kat customs and then paid the tax pastu dapat balik our passports and boarding passes.

Boarding and I enjoyed free wifi and I was stoked and shaking because The Vamps had just arrived in Manila and we're breathing the same air except that we were separated by different terminals. 
*creys till death*

Anyhow, despite all the drama and hassle that we went through, I really enjoyed my time in Philippines and I would love to go back there and I actually love Manila ahah. Is that weird.......


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