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Monday, 19 January 2015

Spontaneous Food Hunting in Thailand

So, last Wednesday I followed my dad to his office at Changloon. Initially, I only wanted to follow him because I wanted to buy UPU pin at BSN cus I've heard some rumours that they would start selling it on Thursday.

But rumour has it!

19th January, which is today was the day they're gonna start selling but nah, I'm only going to buy it before flying to another country which is a week from now. Yaaaaaaaaa I'm excited as heck.

Okay so, I didn't sleep the night before anyway. That morning, my dadsie went to his office in Alor Setar first. A few of my dad's colleagues threw me this question "Eh, tak sekolah ka harini?" I was like OMG I STILL LOOK LIKE A SCHOOL GIRL hahahaha. I was touched for a split second though.

By lunch we went to Changloon. I told dadsie that I was whatsapp-ing my cousin (whom I address as kakak) last night and she invited us to her house in Perlis. Well just to catch up and stuff yknow because long-time-no-see. My dad said okay, let's go to Perlis this evening after he finished his work.

Arriving Changloon, there's nothing much to see I mean it's just normal like usual. Suddenly, I heard my belly growling and at the same time I was craving for KFC so there I went and bought 3 piece all to myself. Tamak gila.

Back to his office, I ate and switched on my laptop to see 2 Broke Girls. Guess what happened after watching 1 and a half episode...........

I slept.

Gawd, I just couldn't bear it anymore. It lasted for 3 hours anyway and after Maghrib we went to Perlis. Almost of our convos, we just talked about travel. Guess, this travel syndrome is getting stronger in this family. Kakak insisted us to stay the night so greenlight to that. Once again I didn't sleep the whole night (phcked up sleeping schedule) cus I was downloading Hobbit and Into The Woods. I didn't know that  we have Into The Woods in Malaysia lol. Kalau tau ada, tak daknya aku nak download baik aku download movie lain. I downloaded Hobbit cus when it was still showing, I didn't go out to see and I NEED THE FEELS to see on my laptop.

Early Thursday morning, kakak sent us off at the gate and she suddenly went ''Eh uncle jom pi makan kat Dannok nak?'' My dad said okay, he told my cousin to come by petang. I was like the heck all this while I've been asking him to take me there since it's just 10km from my dad's office and all. Dah masuk Maghrib baru my dad suruh aku whatsapp kakak kalau nak masuk jom lepas Maghrib memang tak la kan dahla bapak and mama letih so postpone Jumaat. 

But we went there anyway the next day after solat Jumaat. But of course later than that lah kan sebab dadsie had work to do so tunggu lah. Pastu both of us boring so we watched Into The Woods and after 15 minutes, both of us fell asleep! 

Boring okay kerja menyanyi ja so shut down laptop and I went to sleep sampai Asar and after performing Asar prayer baru kami went out. Sampai immigration complex, mak aiii punyalah banyak umat manusia nak masuk Siam ni. This was my first time to Dannok actually and second time for Thailand. It was my cousin's first time too. Settle semua kat BKH immigration, we parked outside ja sebab the plan memang nak makan ja pon. Spontaneous ja kot bukan plan dari awai pon. Kalau nak bawak masuk kereta nak kena buat insurance now so park kat depan Sadao immigration ja pastu kami masuk jalan kaki. 

You need to spare RM1 and arrival+departure card together with passport. RM 1 tu tipping actually and my dad said it is tipping yang diwajibkan. It's like sedekah  la. But, if you put RM 5, RM 10 or even RM 50, they will not give you balance. REMEMBER SPARE RM1 ONLY PER ENTRY. Tapi kalau nak bagi lebih, it's up to you then.

When I was lining up, good Lord banyak gila passport merah and biru. Ramai gila Malaysian, Cina, India, Melayu semua ada. Biru tu border pass ya kids. In front of me was kakak and in front of her there was a guy too but his passport was dark red. I wondered where the hell was he from because I know what colour Indonesia passport is because kakak cakap he might be from Indonesia. and Thailand too. I know what colour it is. I tried so hard to read and yeay SUCCEED! It's Cambodia passport.

Okayla fast forward please aku rasa aku tulis banyak sangat. Lepas masuk kami tiga orang cari la kedai nak kedarah so jalan jalan jalan jalan jalan jalan nak cari Restoran Nurlaila sebab famous sangat kat blog-blog katanya Tom Yam dia best tapi harem la tak jumpa pastu malas nak tanya orang so kami makan kat stalls ni. Kat sini boleh guna ringgit and tak yah nak speaking, depa cakap Melayu cuma slang Kelate.

Aku mintak ais kosong tapi abah kata dia bagi yang mineral tu la so fine aku order sirap. Sirap dia rasa lain sikit. Then, kami order pulut pelam aka pulut mangga, pulut ayam, daging salai, dua pinggan nasi putih for dadsie and kakak and semangkuk tom yam seafood yang ada ayam. =')

Aku nak tanya, ayam ni hidup kat mana sebenarnya?

Kesian abah takleh makan tom yam sebab ayam tu la. Oh yeap my dad doesn't eat chicken. Lagi kesiannya, dia makan nasik dengan smoked beef dengan tak dak kuahnya. 

All in all total is RM37. Murah ka mahai? IDK. EVERYTHING WAS DELICIOUS except for Tom Yam. Alhamdulillah aku lalu makan patutnya kat Siam ni la aku was-was dari Indo. It went well anyways. Tapi kalau makan kat stalls macam ni, hati kena kental sikit sebab..........

Okay I'm not gonna tell you guys.

Bukan sebab halal or not and please fret not insyaAllah halal cus majority kat Dannok ni muslim. Sila usha stall mana paling banyak Melayu ha pi la situ. Kalau nak restaurant cari la yang ada sign halal, Muslim food, Islam. 

Lepas makan, we walked for some more to Tesco Lotus. It was so small! Barang murah gila that I bought TRESemme' 480ml shampoo for 118 TB that's like RM11.80. Gila la murah. 480 ml okeh. Kalau kat Malaysia mau puluh-puluh. Yang dispenser tu.

It was almost 10pm dah so cepat-cepat la blah gate tutup pukul 12 kang tak pasai tidoq situ. Jalan some more then dad saw BBQ grill. He wanted to buy actually tapi sapa pulak nak bawak kan masuk jalan ja. 

''Ni berapa ni?''
''27 ringgit ka baht''
''baht sebab duit malaysia kan jatuh''

Bodo la semua nak guna alasan RINGGIT jatuh pastu muka grumpy gila.

Pastu takpa lah. Kakak said thank you aunty. She didn't even say welcome or smile. Is that how you treat customers?! Bengang nakyam grumpy grumpy nak ke mana makcik? Lepas tu jalan balik pi kat immigration complex. Once again, RM1. Kiranya RM2 return lah.

6KM to and fro. 

Lenguh gila okay semua sebab makan pulut. Aku rasa macam orang tua kot sakit pinggang and what not.