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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Jupiter Ascending was hella........

Last Saturday, I went out with my friends. I wanted to see Jupiter Ascending as I stumbled across its standee when I was in Manila at Mall Of Asia. But then, my friends wanted to see horror movies okay fine let's do that!

For Malay horror movies, I can still watch them lah cus I know they are freaking creepy. I don't fancy English horror because they are not creepy at all like duh they literally failed in horror. We wanted to see Bangunan at first but then tak dak pulak kat situ except for Jupiter Ascending and Suamiku Encik Perfect 10.

Hell geli dengaq tajuk.

Pastu takpa la proceed with Jupiter Ascending. Aku just okay la maybe to some people, movie dia tak best tapi maybe for us best, yeah who knows? 

So we watched it and we did discuss the storyline during show and then 2 hours later. It finished.

''Cerita ni 3 hari balik pikiaq baru paham kot'' 


Um so Abrasax has 3 heirs right. Balem, Titus and Kalique. Caine(Channing Tatum) is this ex-military guy who was hired by Titus to track Jupiter(Mila Kunis) down on Earth after her DNA sequence is found to have lined up in exactly the same order as Balem, Titus, and Kalique's mother's DNA sequence, making her a potential heir and ruler of the Earth.

But she is saved by Caine.

Forget it. I cannot.

But my favourite part was when Maximilian, Jupiter's father was in St Petersburg with his telescope. And not too forget, that Russian family.

Okay I get it now. I just finished reading its plot in wikipedia. But still, it wasn't mindblowing or epic. It was okay.

Though its CGI are very cool and all but I was hoping for a mindfak ending and its movie itself as good as The Matrix.

I don't even know if it's worth a 'watch'.

At the end of the day, that's just my review.

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