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Monday, 2 March 2015



When we got up, we decided to hang around at the lobby sebab tak dinner lagi lol. Suruh receptionist letak ayaq panas dalam maggi cup. Suddenly, my dad opened up his story why did he urge us to walk faster..

It's normal la kan to have tourist/traveler with their camera or video camera. So, my dad is that kind of tourist/traveler who would constantly take pictures and video. He enjoyed recording videos most of the time anyway so when he was busy doing so, there was a mat saleh who kept following us and took my dad's photo and then he whispered something at the 'guard'. Ok tak tau la guard ka apa.

Tapi mat saleh tu memang dok ikut abah la pastu dok snap gambaq dia. DUDE???? My dad was just video-ing? Was it because my aunt and I wore hijab and my dad happened to be in the same group and then he thought that we're planning to blow up those freaking clubs?

It's 2015 and islamophobia still exist?!

Well, that's just my theory and I don't have any idea what that mat saleh was up to.

That's why la kot the guy kat cafe bawah tu suruh stay safe. Memang depa jaga sungguh foreigner.

Settle dinner tu, aku suruh abah dengan kawan dia naik bilik dulu sebab I needed to study some more the route for Manila pulak. 20 minutes or so, my aunt and I went upstairs. 

There was this window thingy depan elevator so I asked my aunt to get inside first cus I wanted to see the view. But, window ni dia dekat hallway for other rooms. But then I heard people laughing.

It was a foreigner and his hooker lepastu their room turned out to be dekat where was I standing! They didn't really mind of me though so I apologised and then went to my room. Ada jugak before tu, nak masuk elevator pastu in that elevator ada aku sorang ja pastu suddenly pintu terbukak and ada foreigner dengan dia punya kupu-kupu malam. 

Depa keluaq balik while the guy cakap ''No no it's okay. You're the first one. Go ahead.'' 

Stres betuila dok area Clark adoila hahahaha.


The night before pi Pinatubo tu, since I was the one yang dok study nak DIY Pinatubo tu memang kerja aku dok naik turun lif sebab the computer dekat lobby. And then, kali ke berapa tah nak naik tu, I had to be inside with a black guy. So I asked him where he was from and it turned out he's from Papua New Guinea.

He asked me macam-macam jugakla until there was one point I got scared and I felt like the elevator took so long. I told him that I wasn't alone and I came here with my father. You know just to be secured cus I didn't want anything bad to happen. DING. OH GAWD HIS ROOM WAS IN FRONT OF MY ROOM!

''You know, if you need something just call me,'' he said to me.
''Sure. Thank you''

Dia punya muka tu lain macam kot fuh rasa insecure gila.

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