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Thursday, 16 March 2017

personal finance

How adult my title is? Hahaha.

Welp, ever since December last year I was so keen on savings but still had all that nafsu to splurge on stuff. I wanted to know how much had I spent ever since I started college. I even recorded my daily expenses in a notebook. After a while, I wanted something practical and on the go so I started looking for apps. Believe me, I tried so many before choosing My Wallet. It's really simple. I used it for 4 months until today lol I started using another app which is called; Wally.

Personally, I favour Wally more than My Wallet. I find Wally is more practical as it has REVIEW which you can see all damn pie chart. It offers Savings Target as well which I think really helps to control your cashflow. 

My point is, after 'doing' my finance today, I felt that saving money these days is definitely harder than earning money. Like you can earn 300 bucks today and after fuel, mobile, groceries you'll be left with 50 bucks top or 10 bucks to make it worst. How much is left for savings really lol.

Speaking of savings, I'm actually on 10th weeks of 26 weeks money challenge. So far, I'm on track but the downside of it; when I got broke like not even RM 1 in my purse, I had had to use the money which really is annoying hahaha and next thing I know I'll have debt with my own self luls.

May God grant me strength to not spend so much money from now on. 

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